Big Air Extreme 14ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure.

Big Air Extreme 14ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure, TUV, GS Quality Assured with 5 year warranty.

If your looking to buy a strong and long lasting outdoor trampoline then consider the Big Air Extreme 14ft Trampoline as the trampoline comes with a 5 year warranty and TUV/GS quality assurance which is a European quality standard where the trampolines are tested consistently on the production line to maintain the highest quality trampolines.
Big Air Extreme 14ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure, TUV, GS Quality Assured.

TUV, GS Quality Assured, 5 year warranty.

With a maximum user weight of 24 stone everyone can bounce up and down on the trampoline from children too adults, whilst children will enjoy jumping high and playing in the trampoline with their friends adults can use the trampoline for exercise as trampolines are a great form of exercised as its a low impact exercise where every move is cushioned by the elastic jump mat so you always have a soft landing.

Because your using your arms and legs when your bouncing on the trampoline its a great form of cardio which will soon have you losing weight and toning your legs, thighs, calves, buttocks and hips plus its a very fun way to get exercise where even if you fall over your laughing.

The extreme range of trampolines are designed to give the biggest bounce to the lighter users whilst the heavier user still bounce high this is possible thanks to the increased helical diameter of the springs used on the trampoline which don't compress as much when a heavier user is bouncing but still offer good compression for lighter users.

The bounce mat is made of a material called Permatron which is water and sunlight (UV) resistant and won't rot yet is a highly elastic synthetic rubber that won't overstretch.

The frame is made from galvanised steel so it won't rust and the wide legs mean the trampoline won't make marks on your lawn you can even pull the trampoline across your lawn as the legs will slide on the grass without ripping your lawn.
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