Big Air Extreme 12ft Trampoline With Safety Enclosure.

Big Air Extreme 12ft Trampoline With Safety Enclosure the Extra Strong Trampoline for Garden Use.

The Big Air Extreme 12ft Trampoline has a maximum user weight of 24 stone and is a strong trampoline with a galvanised steel frame and strong box joints for additional strength at the joins.
Big Air Extreme 12ft Trampoline With Safety Enclosure, Extra Strong Trampoline.

Extra Strong Trampoline, Garden Use.

If your looking for the strongest trampoline then the Big Air Extreme 12ft Trampoline has much to offer with its steel tube frame that has been galvanised inside and out not only to provide a beautiful shiny metal look but also to prevent rusting and with the strong springs than help you bounce being zinc coated against rust.

The large metal legs don't sink into the grass as other trampolines do but instead they sit on top of the grass and can also be used on sand, wood chip, decking, concrete, pavement slabs and tarmac anywhere in fact where you have a 12ft area free for the trampoline.

When it comes to assembly that's simple too with all the tools you need being provided with the trampoline and easy to follow instructions that are well written and have pictures so you can follow along the separate stages by looking at the pictures, assembly will take one hour and two people usually assemble the trampoline together with one person to fix the parts together and the other person to hold the parts ready for assembly of course if required one person on their own can assemble this trampoline.

There's foam padding on the safety enclosure poles to prevent injury and extra thick safety padding on the outside edge of the trampoline which is extra thick and flexible as well as being resistant to cracking and UV sunlight degradation.

Made for both children and adults to jump high this Big Air trampoline has a safety enclosure around the trampoline this is like a safety fence that prevents anyone from falling out a door in the safety enclosure allows for easy entrance and exit.
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