Big Air Extreme 10ft Trampoline With Safety Enclosure.

Big Air Extreme 10ft Trampoline With Safety Enclosure, Garden Trampoline Review, Lawn Friendly.

The Big Air Extreme 10ft Trampoline is an all weather trampoline that's designed to be left out in the garden all the year round the trampoline mat is made from Permatron a synthetic rubber that has great elasticity without being overstretched and the synthetic rubber is waterproof and won't be damaged by UV sunlight the frame too is galvanised and the springs are zinc plated against rust read the review of the BigAir Trampoline.
Big Air Extreme 10ft Trampoline With Safety Enclosure, Garden Trampoline Review.

Garden Trampoline Review, Lawn Friendly.

This 10ft trampoline is lawn friendly too as the large metal legs are rust proof and spread the weight of the trampoline across a large area of the legs so the trampoline won't sink or make a mark you don't need any trampoline anchors hammered into the lawn like you do with some trampolines so you won't have any marks on the lawn.

You can easily slide the trampoline along the grass on its legs and the grass will not be damaged you won't see any muddy marks as the lawn tears because the legs float on top of the lawn even when your pushing the trampoline so its easy to move the trampoline when you want to mow the lawn underneath or when the children's play has worn out an area of lawn and you want to move the trampoline to a different area of lawn to allow the grass to grow back.

The trampoline is supplied flat packed for home assembly and the tools you need to assemble the trampoline are included in the box so there's nothing extra to buy there's a 5 year warranty on the trampoline frame and delivery is free of charge.

This 10ft trampoline has a maximum user weight of 24 stone so the whole family can use the trampoline without worrying about their weight and trampolines are a great source of cardiovascular exercise if your trying to lose weight as your moving your arms and legs all the time and of course its a fun way to exercise.
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