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Whether your looking for a home workout to loose weight or to supplement your daily gym activities your find a full range of home workout equipment like the Body Sculpture BE-6650GX-HB Elliptical Trainer which has eighteen exercise programmes built in to help you achieve a range of goals from losing weight to toning and shaping your arms, legs, buttocks, thighs, calves and tummy and with body fat sensors included in the handlebars that measure the resistance in you hands and can determine your body fat measurement in BMI Body Mass Index you have a capable fitness machine thast can not only get you fit but report on your results too.
Sport Workout

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If dual handlebars are important to you get the Body Sculpture BE-6720G Elliptical Trainer, with dual handlebars you can work the upper body as well as the lower body, use the fixed handlebars for a step action that works the lower body and use the moving handlebars for an elliptical action that works the upper body arms and shoulders and with pulse sensors built into the handlebars the machine can read your pulse as you hold the handlebars and also calculate your heart rate which is displayed on the digital display as you workout.

For a very strong and powerful elliptical trainer read the review of the Body Sculpture BE-5510GE Programmable Magnetic Elliptical Trainer this trainer has been built to last and is made from a steel chassis with aluminium panels for good looks and large feet so the elliptical trainer will sit steady on a range of floors from carpet to wooden floors to tiled floors without scratching, vibrating or rocking backwards and forwards whilst you exercise and with the high quality belt drive you won't have problems with vibration or high friction required more effort as every step will glide.

If you like to race on an exercise bike then the PowerTech Olympic 3 Racing Exercise Bike has all the power you need with a large 18kg flywheel that provides plenty of momentum so you move fast and cycling feels like real cycling out on the road rather than artificial cycling indoors and with height and reach adjustable saddle and handlebars the complete racing position can be tailored to not only your size but how you like to ride your bike and there's even a set of elbow pads included free of charge.

For those who get thirsty whilst they cycle have a look at the Body Sculpture BC-4620HKO Racing Exercise Bike which includes a water bottle and water bottle holder with the bike, the water bottle is mounted right on the crossbar so its within easy reach all the time just slightly forward of the seat and directly below your hands and with free home installation available you don't even need to do any setup as you can leave that to the professionals ensuring that the bike is setup correctly and ready to use and all in the comfort of your own home.

Those new to home racing exercise bikes will welcome the addition of an emergency stop like the one on the IM Fitness XI Racing Exercise Bike, simply pull up on the emergency stop and the racing bike will come to a complete stop immediately and safely so you have the reassurance that if your feeling unsteady or start to feel at all ill you can stop the racing bike immediately, when you consider the fast speeds that you c an reach on a modern exercise bike its a jolly good thing too.

Many people want to run at home as you don't get wet have no one laughing at you and don't feel self conscious when your working out at home, a great treadmill to choose is the IM Fitness Marathon Pro Treadmill which even has dual speakers mounted on the front console and a 3.5mm headphone jack input for your MP3 player, phone or other electronic gadget so you can hear your music, phone calls or even motivational videos or words on the built in speakers and if you don't like wearing headphones because they keep falling off now you don't have too.

Running up hill is an excellent way to tone your legs and build up calf and thigh muscles and that's what you get with the PowerTech Olympian Treadmill, this treadmill has powered incline so there are no silly mechanical adjustments to be made as your running or walking on the treadmill simply press the incline up or down buttons and the treadmill will rise up at an angle to simulate running up hill you can even switch the incline on or off whilst your running fast its the easiest treadmill for running up hill.

Not everyone wants to run many people just want to work either for fitness or because they are recovering from injury and their doctor has advised them to take gentle exercise if that sounds like you then the PowerTech T102 Walking Treadmill is just what you need as your not paying for advanced features that are only used by runners so your getting a cheaper prices walking treadmill ands your getting a design which can be folded away really small, so small that you can store the treadmill on a peg on the wall when folded or fold flat under your bed.

Trampolines are very popular not just for children but for adults too as they are a great way to get exercise whilst having a good laugh take the Big Air Junior 12ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure as an example its for sale at a much reduced bargain price and with 12 foot of space there's enough room for the whole family to bounce up and down and the included safety enclosure keeps everyone safe as you won't fall off this trampoline as there is only one way on or off the trampoline and that's through the door in the safety enclosure.

If your after a strong trampoline have a look at the Big Air Universal Oval 11ft x 8ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure, oval trampolines have a unique shape which is a cross between a rectangular trampoline and a round trampoline so they have the advantages of both namely a cheap price just like a round trampoline but also an extremely rigid frame like a rectangular trampoline which makes them great for bouncing high and gymnastics and they are real space savers in the garden as your getting a high bounce in a trampoline that would have to be a lot bigger if it was a round trampoline.

Warranties are very important with all types of sports equipment and with the Big Air Universal Rectangular 7ft x 10ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure you get a full five year warranty when you buy the trampoline plus you get free delivery and a reduced price so there's really never been a better time to buy a trampoline and this rectangular trampoline is the best there is, have you noticed that all professional trampolines you see on the television are rectangular in shape and there's a very good reason for that because rectangular trampolines offer the highest bounce.

With all that exercise you might be thinking about a nice massage to recover and how about the Orchid Athens Massage Table which is available in several colours including Cream, Pink and Black, a pink massage table is ideal for a spa where all the female clients will love it or buy a massage table for your home too they are not expensive and its sure better than getting a massage on your bed where your liable to spill oil all over the sheets.

Or how about a massage table with an adjustable backrest like the Orchid Dione Massage Table these adjustable backrest massage tables are the latest thing because they provide the massage therapist far more choice these days its not enough just to offer massage if your a mobile therapist you need to offer beauty treatments too and if your massage table can only lie the client flat on their back then the table won't be much good for beauty treatments but add an adjustable backrest and you can offer easier head and shoulder massages and a range of facial beauty treatments as well as hair styling.
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